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Overall Consulting Guidance

Overall Consulting Guidance


“A Consultant is a Subject Matter Expert who has done most mistakes in a certain domain.” 
~ anonymous

This article is a precious part of the hybris Project Patterns series.

Consultancy starts from the very inception of a project – at the first gathering with the Business Client – when a vision and high-level objectives are shared.

Experienced hybris partners have learned that, even during the pitching phase, an accomplished e-Business Consultant with broad understanding of Software Development principles and online strategies is vital in shaping the conceptual final solution.

The involvement of such a skillset guarantees certain completeness and thoroughness of the desired software approach and deliveries.


Projects often commence without a recognized overarching Consulting in mind. They are started in a traditional manner, where teams are setup with fine-grained roles, but lack overall consulting power. 


Engage a Principle e-Commerce Consultant to guide the project vision and determine the boundaries of the future solution.

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Frequently, a hybris project is incorrectly perceived only as a system-integration project.

In fact, a hybris project is a complex e-Business endeavor spanning from overall business consulting, to solution designing, going through collaborative integration with other systems, business process adaptation, all the way to corporate transition management.

A project team habitually consists of Project Management, Business Analysts, Solution architects, Technical leads, QA crew and a Development Team. All these roles are there to ensure relevant coverage of the corresponding project tasks.

Equally important, a project should benefit from a general consulting capacity, which extents from start to end, keeping the “red-line” of the project objectives. Hybris refers to this project role as a Senior Consultant.


Hence, I found important to advice project management to secure a Principle Consultant in their teams, who can oversee the complete business program and direct the implementation project within that program.


Core Values and Responsibilites

A Principle Consultant would be able to review the global project objectives – from an e-Commerce / MDM point of view – and project them in a feasible solution. 

Her role, usually, is to focus on high-priority activities, such as:

  • Guiding the project vision together with the Client
  • Keeping the red line of the Client’s corporate objectives
  • Determining the boundaries of the future solution
  • Engaging with the conception of the project organization
  • Directing the selection of Domain methodology
  • Advising on selection of Software methodology
  • Crafting the high-level prioritization and planning of functionality
  • Participating in drafting the high-level architecture
  • Advising on major processes like Change Management, Transition Management, etc.
  • Contributing in the selection of tools and collaboration media
  • Acting as a Project Coach

Combining technical and functional consulting talents is only but a good start. Care and passion, soft skills and ethics, high moral and person-oriented principles, make the hybris Consultant a trusted Advisor, leading a Business Client to a successful project with enduring results.

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