hybris Project Patterns

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hybris Project Patterns

by Atanas Aladjov,  published 25.Dec.2014  

This book can help you become more effective in executing your hybris projects – from methodological, structural and organizational point of view. Each chapter describes a pattern and proposes proven solutions to repeating project situations.

Use the patterns as a reference, apply them and discover your own best practices. Share that knowledge as a gift to others.


 Table of Contents 

 Part I. Why and What

     1. Why a hybris book 
     2. Why hybris Project Patterns

 Part II. Set the Base for Success

     3. The Client
     4. Overall Consulting Guidance
     5. hybris Functional Consultant
     6. Workshop
     7. Virtual Product
     8. PIM Awareness
     9. Domain Methodology
   10. Software Methodology

 Part III. Doing the Right Thing

   11. Platform Expectations
   12. Young Partner
   13. Zero Efforts
   14. Glossary
   15. Requirements Gathering
   16. User-Experience Design Planning
   17. Communication

 Part IV. Doing the Thing Right

   18. Corporate Process Alignment
   19. System Actors Inventory
   20. Pages Inventory
   22. Integration Points Inventory
   23. Internationalization
   24. Back Office Usability
   25. Business User Enablement

 Part V. Epilogue

   26. Your next steps
   27. Inspiration sources

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