Time2Know has been found with one sole purpose – to attract and share knowledge. It has started in 2006 as an education company, producing more than 40 ICT courseware titles and e-learning modules. The firm has been a loyal partner to recognized training centers and international software enterprises.

Today, my goal with Time2Know is to share personal experience in the domains of Digital Commerce, Information governance and Master Data Management.

My name is Atanas Aladjov. For the last 10 years I have been experiencing diverse e-business projects, where data, information and User experience have intertwined in a modern mix of B2C, B2B and B2E scenarios. It has been my passion, since, to exchange ideas in finding solutions for every challenge we face on the project arena.

Software projects are not anymore dependent exclusively on technology. They require structured assistance and a methodology, soft-skills and a vision. It is my belief that an effective project strategy should not only be User-, or Requirements-centric – it should be, first of all, Human-centric.

With this blog I would merely start a journey, in which you can find a rich set of e-business project solutions and complement your personal expertise. The blog provides guidelines for Consulting practices, skills and habits, for every phase of the project – from Vision to Reality, from Pre-sales to User Enablement.